There’s no product better for containment

We can wrap buildings, houses, factories, motorboats, superyachts, sheds, cars, trucks, motorbikes…

you name it, we wrap-it

Construction / Renovation

The Ultimate in Construction Site Containment, Weather Protection.Superior quality shrink wrap manufactured and maximum UV inhibitors

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Containment /Industrial

From sandblasting to asbestos removal and beyond, nothing beats the versatility of Shrinkwrap.

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Marine / Specialist Wrapping

Used internationally for years, Shrinkwrap gives you the best protection from the elements, if you require storage & protection for large objects.

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Who is Wrap-it

The most professional and expert shrink wrapping installation company you’ll find in New Zealand. We use the world’s best shrink wrap from Dr Shrink USA. Manufactured in the United States and made of 100% pure resin, this product guarantees true micron thickness and gives the best results. The shrink wrap also has built in UV inhibitors to ensure the best possible performance and protection for your project in New Zealand’s intense sunlight and weather conditions.

  • 100% pure resin
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • built in UV inhibitors
  • We use the world’s best shrink wrap

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Why use Wrap-it?

You can count on WRAP-IT for:

An experienced, professional installation team
A can-do attitude
Prompt and friendly service
The world’s best shrink wrap product from Dr Shrink USA with a 12 month guarantee of UV protection

Wrap-it recent projects

Wrap-It undertakes a wide range of wrapping projects so we’ll feature some of our favourites here:

Westlake Boys

In conjunction with Senior Scaffolding and Focus ConstructionWrapped the schools Technology block for remedial work allowing work to continue during any weather conditions.

Wrap-it testimonials

Alan Drayton

Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with WRAP-IT. It’s ability to form to the shapes we require and withstand the rain and wind we have had lately has been fantastic!

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